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Plackal Stone care, a division of Plackal Trading & Services Pvt. Ltd. is the sole distributor of Aqua Mix for Kerala State, India. 

Aqua Mix Inc, USA, is a privately held company with a storied history of delivering innovative products for stone, tile, masonry, and grout utilizing its unique water-based formulas and solutions. Aqua Mix was the first company to manufacture and distribute water-based sealers and care and maintenance solutions that were non-toxic, non-flammable, and easier to work with on the job for both professionals and do-it-yourselfer's. Aqua Mix celebrates more than 27 years of being the global leader in stone and tile care and maintenance with smarter products, professional results, and unparalleled dedication to service.

Aqua Mix is a leading provider of innovative care products for natural stone, tile and grout due to its dedication to professional results and unparalleled customer service. Whether the installation is natural stone, porcelain, or ceramic tile, each type of stone has unique properties and unique needs for care and maintenance, making it critical to know which products to use on which types of surfaces. The proper sealers, cleaners, and other care products are an integral part of preserving the natural beauty of stone, and Aqua Mix offers a professional line of products to address the unique needs of most varieties of stone, tile, and grout.

We at Plackal Stone Care specializes in the care and maintenance of marble and other natural stones and tiles. We specialize in products and services for marbles, tiles, granites, terrazzo, limestone, sandstone, grout, Tile Joints, counter tops, vanities and more in cleaning, problem solving, restoration, sealing, protecting and polishing.

We also provide cleaning and protection solutions for Carpets/Rugs, Sofa's & Upholstery and Curtains using 3M care products.

In addition, we've skilled labours to do the application of Putty, Primer and Painting.


Our Motto is to help you "Protect Your Investments"

 To achieve our goals we employ dedicated grinders, planetary floor machines, and special masonry tools to restore or refinish any type of natural stone, whether it is marble, granite, limestone, Slate, Sand Stone or terrazzo to its original appearance. Whether you need a full-scale restoration or just a light polishing on your Natural Stone or learn more about our products and services kindly call us on 0484-4063636












Room No. KM-32/174| City GalleryEdappally Toll | Ernakulam | Cochin – 24 | Kerala, India.



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