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Our Services

For over 27 years, Aquamix has solely manufactured products for the protection and maintenance of Natural Stone, Ceramic Tile and Porcelain. Using predominantly water based polymer technology, Aquamix products come in three main categories: Sealers (Protectors), Cleaners and Problem Solvers.


Our Services Include:

C      Natural stones, Terrazzo/Mosaic and Porcelan(Vitrified) & Ceramic tile  Cleaning, Sealing (protects surface from getting stained or dirty) and Polishing 

C      Precision Restoration - Diamond abrasive grinding and Diamond abrasive polishing to restore natural luster of Terrazzo/Mosaic, Marble, Granite, onyx and Limestone 

C      Enhancing the color and appearance of porous natural stone such as Slate, Marble, Limestone, Sandstone and Granite.

C      Removal of lippage, scratches, abrasions, etch marks, shower wall streaks, water marks, glass ring marks, waxes, surface coatings, tough dirts, adhesives, stains and cleaning of porous natural stone floors.

C      Tile Joint  grout cleaning and sealing.

C     High Pressure Cleaning with alkaline or neutral cleaners.

C     Floor buffing.

C     Carpet/Rugs, Sofa and Curtains Shampooing and Cleaning using extraction method. (3M Care Products)

C     Carpet/Rugs, Sofa/Chairs and Curtains stain protection treatment. (3M Care Products)

C     Application of Putty, Primer and Paint on interior/exterior wall surfaces.




Grinding is the process by which the surface is sanded by the use of abrasives (diamond discs) to remove lippage (uneven tiles) and deep worn out scratches of the stone with the help of a low RPM single disc floor scrubbing machine.

Honing is the process of smoothing the stone with the use of abrasives (diamond discs) or Aquamix Knock down. Honing is performed to remove scratches but will not remove lippage (uneven tiles). It can, however, round the edges of the stone, giving a smoother finish to the edge.

The high shine observed on stone is the result of smoothing it with fine abrasives. Diamond abrasives may be used to hone the stone surface if required followed by Aquamx Reviver on a wet floor used with a red pad under a low RPM single disc floor scrubbing machine. 
The slurry is worked until a polished reflective surface is achieved. The slurry is removed with a wet-vac or mop and rinses the floor to remove excess slurry. It is a relatively simple procedure achieved in less time and almost no noise and messy muddy waste.

The crystallization process consists of spraying Aquamix Marble Re-Polish onto the marble floor and buffing it with very fine steel wool under a buffing machine. The steel wool generates heat through abrasion and the chemical reacts with the marble, softening the surface and leveling all uneven surfaces and producing a PU (Poly Urethane) like effect on the surface of the stone. This procedure protects the surface of the stone, adds lustrous gloss and may even harden the stone, increasing its wear.

v     Our range of maintenance products are available to help you preserve freshly restored floor or counter.

v   Our range of cleaners, polish and protectors will aid you in your cleaning needs.

v      Professional Routine Maintenance Program.



To mention a few of our major Clientele’s in Kerala since our inception in 2006:

Ø      Hotel Leela Kempinski, Kovalam, Thiruvanthapuram

Ø      ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization), Thiruvanthapuram

Ø      Indian Naval Academy, Ezhimala, Kannur

Ø      Hotel Taj Green Cove Resort, Kovalam, Thiruvanthapuram

Ø      IVRCL Infrastructure and Projects, Cochin

Ø      Kancor Group, Angamaly, Cochin

Ø      Riyan Studio, Ernakulam, Cochin

And many more esteemed residential and commercial properties within the State.



Room No. KM-32/174| City GalleryEdappally Toll | Ernakulam | Cochin – 24 | Kerala, India.



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