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Natural stone, tile, and grout are durable surfaces, however if not properly treated with a protective sealer, they are easily susceptible to staining. Sealers protect the surface by putting a stain resistant barrier between the contaminate and the stone, tile, and grout allowing reaction time to clean the surface.

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Regular cleaning of a surface is important to preserve its beauty. However, general purpose cleaning products, especially those containing lemon, acid, bleach, or vinegar, can damage or etch the surface. Aqua Mix cleaners are specially formulated to provide the perfect cleaning solution for any stone, tile, and grout surface. All stone, tile, grout and setting materials are alkaline. So the safest way to clean stone and tile is to us ph neutral or alkaline products. Aqua Mix make a variety of cleaners from ph neutral routine, to alkaline heavy degreases. All are designed for safe use on any stone or tile surface.

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StonEndure Series

A range of Aqua Mix products produced specifically for routine cleaning and Natural Stone & Tile maintenance.

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Problem Solvers

Occasionally stone, tile, and grout needs a specific solution to a difficult problem; whether it is a new or old installation. Removing a tough, deep-set stain, stripping old sealers and adhesives, or cleaning-up grout haze, will require the use of one of Aqua Mix's user-friendly problem solving products.  Stone and tile areas exhibit many specific problems such as efflorescence, grout residue and mineral staining. The Aqua Mix range of Problem Solvers, is designed to solve these issues as safely and effectively as possible. There's simply no other range of problem solvers for stone and tile as comprehensive as Aqua Mix.

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Stone Restoration

Bring back the life and beauty to dull, scratched or etched, and neglected natural stone with Aqua Mix's stone restoration products.

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Grout Colorants

No need to dig out and replace dirty and stained grout. Aqua Mix's Grout Colorant products are easy to apply and seal, restore, and re-color grout. They also help prevent future discoloring and stains and make ongoing maintenance a breeze.

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